About the Journal

The Journal is our premier academic review, which we publish annually. It is a peer-reviewed journal on the allied fields of international law, which is concerned with the innovation and encouragement of the fields related to International Law.

Started by a league of youth professionals of the legal diaspora, this journal aims to focus on the due aspect of the promotion of international law and its allied (cum innovative) fields.

International Law is not only the Law of Nations and the relationship between states. The realm of International Legal Personality and Human Rights has changed the perspective of the field at a wider scope. That is the due aim of the Journal to focus upon.

We have mandated till the year 2018-19 these special allied fields of international law as our themes for the academic and research purpose of the journal, (to which we are not limited to).

  • Pure International Law

  • International Human Rights Law

  • International Refugee Law

  • International Cyber Law

  • International Environmental Law

  • Space Law

  • Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Our deadline for the Volume 1 of the Journal was 30 November, 2018.

Guidelines for Manuscripts
  • Our Citation Style accepted is Oxford Standard Citation of Legal Authorities (recent edition).
  • We are strictly against plagiarism and shall keep a threshold of it.
  • The Word Strength acceptable shall be 6,500-10,000 words (including/not including spaces.)
  • Font for Text and Footnotes shall be Times New Roman, with size for text shall 12pt and for footnotes shall be 10pt.
  • Spacing for text shall be 1.5 while for footnotes, the spacing shall be 1.0.
  • Any violation of the guidelines shall make the chance of the publication unfructuous.
  • If certain manuscripts of good quality are not published in the upcoming issue of the ISSN-recognized journal, the submission shall be considered for review in our ISSN-recognized online blog namely Globalité.

For any contact purposes, please do mail us at ieditorialboard@gmail.com.


Yikes! The peer review is in due process. We shall publish the first volume of our Journal very soon.


The Editorial Board

Abhivardhan, Editor-In-Chief

Abhivardhan, Editor-In Chief

Abhivardhan, an avid MUNer, a YouTuber and an Intrapreneur at Alexis Group, is a public speaker and also concerned with various conferences across India. He is a bilingual poet of 6 books and is an Associate of India Law Forum. He is an avid lover of International Law and Artificial Intelligence and researches on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He co-founded this organization with an aim for a privatized “progressive development of international law” mandated by the Charter of the UN. He was awarded in Indian Law Conclave, and is a public speaker as in I/O ’18 Extended organized by Google at Faizabad, India.

Avni Kritika

Avni Kritika, Associate Editor

Avni Kritika is an undergraduate law student from Amity Law School, Lucknow. She is passionate about Contemporary International Law, specifically International Environmental Law and International Human Rights Law with reference to Refugees. Currently, she is writing a book on International Humanitarian Law with respect to Refugees.  She has worked with a State-level Human Rights Commission and the Embassy of Kingdom of Spain. She holds diploma in Cyber Law as well as in legal research. She is the formerly the Chief Editor of the partnership firm OnDemandLaws. She has a flair of writing and expressing thoughts and few of her papers have been published both in national and international journals.

Jaami Mirza

Jaami Mirza, Managing Editor

Jaami Mirza is the founder of Sandpiper Publishers, an alumnus of the University of Lucknow, an avid literature enthusiast and the Co-Founder of the Organization. Being associated with the Lucknow Literature Festival in its preceding years and other literary and academic initiatives, he is the first person cherishing enough to promote and consider the idea our team thinks of.

Raghav Sodhi

Raghav Sodhi, Associate Editor

Raghav Sodhi is an undergraduate law student at Amity Law School, Delhi. He is an avid MUNer and a passionate enthusiast student of International Trade Law. He has been an intern at various notable legal firms, embraces various social causes and is a philanthropic person.

Sai Krishna Kumar

Sai Krishna Kumar, Associate Editor

An alumnus of the reputed Amity Law School, Delhi, G. Sai Krishna Kumar is an avid reader of books and a keen follower of events around him. Krishna has a strong conviction that the human mind has key to everything that the world is, has and has not, whether it is peace or conflict, disaster, natural or artificial, drought or flood, poverty or the problem of plenty. He vents his views through creative modes of speech, including those at the Model United Nations (MUN) and Youth Parliament (YP) seminars and conferences.

Shivang Shekhar, Honorary Associate Editor

Shivang Shekhar, Honorary Associate Editor

Shivank Shekhar is beyond what he seems. His name is an epitome at his own geek in the field of Information Technology and is associated with the purpose of research of Virtual Reality, Cyberspace and security, AI Ethics and Due Diligence Analytics. He is a VR/AR Developer, a Researcher at IIIT -Hyderabad, a Mentor for Summer of Code at Google and the Author for WebXR -BPB Publications. Also, he has been a Keynote Speaker at I/O ’18 Extended organized by Google at Faizabad, India.

Priyanka Nair

Priyanka Nair, Managing Editor

Priyanka Nair is a Law graduate from Kerala Law Academy, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She is a national committee member at the India Law Forum. Priyanka has had reputed publications and paper presentations in various national seminars held in India and has been working on various issues over the years. Her experience in research includes working on various areas including environment jurisprudence, taxation law, and criminal law. She is keenly interested in International Environmental Law and International Refugee Law.


Meera Remesh

Meera Remesh, Managing Editor

Meera Remesh is a Law student at Kerala Law Academy Law College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She works for an NGO known as Goonj. She has a keen interest on International Refugees Law and Space Laws. She has presented as well as has publications nationally. Apart from this she has been associated with the MUN conferences across India.

For any queries related to publication and other issues, do not hesitate to contact us at ieditorialboard@gmail.com. Or call us at +91-9044343434.

Our team shall reach out to you shortly.